Software Engineering Course Projects

Creating software engineering course projects (SWECP) for undergraduate (and graduate) students is a challenging task. The instructor must carefully balance the sometimes conflicting goals of academic rigor and industrial relevance. Some of the fundamental characteristics of software engineering projects (e.g., team-based, large-scale, long-lived) are difficult to realize within the constraints of a university course in a single semester. This is particularly true when dealing with young students who may lack the real-world experience needed to appreciate some of the more subtle aspects of software engineering. The SWECP series of events explores how educators and industry can work together to develop a more rewarding educational experience for all stakeholders involved.

Keywords: software engineering education, course projects, undergraduate students

SWCEP Events

Current Events: SWECP 2007: October 25, 2007
Toronto, Canada
Past Events: SWECP 2006: October 19, 2006
Toronto, Canada

SWECP 2005: October 18, 2005
Toronto, Canada


SWECP 2002: October 3, 2002
Toronto, Canada


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